How to Insulate the Shipping Container?

How to Insulate the Shipping Container

The cargo before leaving the port is compared with ISO-certified container specifications to ensure the safest delivery of the consigned goods. The same goes for the container haulage Felixtowe, as the port is not following the standardized set of rules but also providing some extra services of insulation and ply linings to secure your goods […]

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How Wide is a Shipping Container?

How Wide is a Shipping Container

In almost most of the ports just like container haulage Felixtowe, most of the containers are usually the general formed ones that contain dry freight. Containers usually have the front opening with a single door opening. However, the top or side opening containers are recommended by the container haulage services providers as it is cost-effective, […]

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How Many Pallets Fit in a 20ft Container?

How Many Pallets Fit in a 20ft Container

Planning to move abroad or want to ship some goods abroad, the first thing which comes to mind is how you can make your packaging effective so that you can transfer as many goods as possible without damaging these. So, in terms of packaging the safest considered option is the wooden pallets which then raises […]

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