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Container Haulage Services – Discover Our Low-Cost 

Our professional container haulage services are designed to keep You off from overspending and save You from painful headaches.

Explore through a wide array of services, and choose your desired one that you need help with.

The best part, which will be the reason why you’d like to work with us, is that each area of our services revolves around using ways to save you money. Unlike most transporting companies that use third-party contractors, drivers, or containers, we’re different.


Our container haulage in Felixstowe is different for the following reasons:

We use our own vehicles, our own drivers, our own containers, and our own warehouses. That simply costs us less, so we charge You less. And more importantly, your goods never leave our sight, ensuring they’re safe and will reach the destination on time.

That way we’ve become successful in our mission to provide you with an industry-leading experience at affordable costs, and with zero headaches.

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General Haulage

We bring a complete A to Z solution for your container haulage needs. We’ll collect, ship, store, and deliver right at the door-front of your final destination. All without a single hunch of concern at your end, and within a 24-48 hour circle across the whole of Europe.


You’ll never be late in delivering your customers the right products they need from you. We collect and distribute using our own vehicles to keep everything checked and safe.


We receive, sort, store, pack, and ship — all under strict safety checks. Our modern warehouses are safe to rack your goods. So you can get a long-term storage facility or a short one for a few days depending upon your needs.

 Freight Forwarding

If you need to ship your goods through sea freights, rail freights, or air freights — we’ll help you by providing you your required mode of transport. It will be less costly, but more efficient.


Often Amazon sellers choose Amazon FBA fulfillment to send their goods to Amazon. And later, Amazon delivers the products to customers. We’ll help you with your E-fulfillment to streamline your process faster, and ultimately, help you in growing your business faster.

 Contract Packing

We’ll safe-pack your goods such as food items, with all the barcodes, stickers,  labels to ensure it will be easier to track them. That way you deliver the right goods, to the right person, at the right time.

Container Services

You can rent or buy, new or used, containers from us. Or, if you need a container to store your goods like chemicals, food items, or any other product, get in touch with us. You’ll be provided with a specialized container apt for your storage items.

Container Services

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 I have been working with Jagelo since their beginning, never seen a better service since. ~ Lee L.

I have been working with Justina from the team for a long time now whilst working for my old employer, now as I left and started on my own I still keep cooperating together. ~ Paul N.

Never had a problem with these guys. Keep growing! ~ Adam H.

We’re here to help.

Talk to us about your transportation needs. You can get a free consultation right now from our experts who can guide you better about what container size you should select, what are the whole processes, what will be the expected costs, and what mode of transportation will be safer for your goods.

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