How to Insulate the Shipping Container?

How to Insulate the Shipping Container

The cargo before leaving the port is compared with ISO-certified container specifications to ensure the safest delivery of the consigned goods. The same goes for the container haulage Felixtowe, as the port is not following the standardized set of rules but also providing some extra services of insulation and ply linings to secure your goods from heat and cold.

Insulation Prevention from Nasty Climates

Insulation of any container is conducted on two grounds the climate where the consignment is of to and the container actual usage in that specific shipping.

Recent inclining trends of utilizing the shipping containers in many innovative purposes like, shelter homes, housing trending, schools, emergency schools, emergency dispensaries, etc. are also evidently seen.

This inclines the necessity of the proper container insulation for not just the shipping purposes but also to prevent the container protected from heat and cold in normal innovative alternatives.

Insulation of Container

Container haulage services are provided in both the exterior and interior container insulations.

  • Interior insulation:

Interior insulation maintains the container’s outer look. However, the inner service area declines to some inches as recommended insulation thickness should not aggravate from 10 cm.

  • Exterior insulation:

Exterior insulation is best for extreme weather protection and is also expensive as compared to interior insulation because of the larger insulation coverage areas. This cost may be covered as the interior surface area is not affected at all. So, it’s also on saver options provided in container haulage in Felixtowe.

  • Mixed insulation:

Mixed insulation (one part is insulated internally while the other externally) is also available but is usually not recommended by the container haulage services provider because of drastic temperature variations. 

Insulation types:

Luckily many reasonable, affordable and durable insulation types are available ensuring the safety and preservation of the product from harsh climates.

Choose the best-suited insulation for your container haulage it can be any custom laminate or basic ones. It is best for you if it’s economical and serves the purpose.

  • Basic insulation:

It is one of the most economical types available providing 1 to 2 inches of styrene foam which is then added by 5/8 plywood best for interior walls, doors, and roof insulation. You can add some finishing touches to elevate the interior touch.

  • Cotton Insulation:

It is more eco-friendly insulation, as it is providing recyclable materials or leftover denim, some clothing, or jeans materials which is then reacted with boric acid making it more flame resistant. It is also a fabrication of fiberglass insulation which has the same R-value of 3.5 per inch.

  • Foam insulation:

Polyurethane material is utilized to insulate the container and give the utmost climatic thermal resistance. It is one of the best, fasted and innovative vapor resistant insulation and is provided by the container haulage in Felixtowe.

  • Cork insulation:

Biodegradable material from the trees is one of the best natural and eco-friendly insulation available in container haulage services.  Cork has also Acoustic which is best for converting containers into some storage or innovative home settings.


The insulation also comes with challenges like the iron patterning of the containers makes it difficult to insulate the container properly. So, you need to hire the best container haulage services provider to work out the best way around for you.

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