How Wide is a Shipping Container?

How Wide is a Shipping Container

In almost most of the ports just like container haulage Felixtowe, most of the containers are usually the general formed ones that contain dry freight.

Containers usually have the front opening with a single door opening. However, the top or side opening containers are recommended by the container haulage services providers as it is cost-effective, have large space, no adjustment problems, least manual efforts, proper product placement and is more feasible.

Different Container Sizes

You must be clear about the container shape, type and size; as different sizes are usually suitable for different freights.

According to the global port census report, the length of the containers varies from 8 to 76 feet. While 80% of them are mostly of 20- or 40-feet containers.

Digging deep encloses the ground certainties of commonly used container size range usually stays between 8 feet and 53 feet containers.

Width of a Shipping Container

Talking about the container width the same goes for the width. As the length varies so does the width of the container. As mentioned above the most commonly used containers are 20- and 40-feet containers.

For 40 feet long container the exterior width is approximately 8’ while the interior width goes to approximately 8 feet wide.

While the 20 feet long container also accumulates the same width as that of the forty feet long container that is approximately 8 feet wide.

Although USA and Canada also contain containers with much more lengths and ship goods in these containers. However, the container haulage in Felixtowe usually ports on 20 to 40 feet containers.

You must know your freight weights and their diameters so that you may select the right container for you and do some cost-cutting in shipping your products abroad. As 8- and 10-feet container shipping processes is quite different than that of the 20- and 40-feet container.

Some pro tips:

  • The size of the container must be assured before booking from any port.
  • You need to know about ISO regulations and the container specification before booking your container.
  • If you don’t have much experience in freight and you are a beginner, always seek help from the haulage service providers.
  • Don’t over-exert your container or place the products or pallets providing huge distances among the pallets. This will end up damaging your product or become over costly for you.
  • Side opening containers are considered more feasible and approachable in terms of loading and unloading your products.
  • Top loading containers are usually expensive but worth it because of their larger areas to place the pallets or the goods.

Bottom line:

While doing freight dealing you need to know a lot about the shipping rules and containers width and height. And if you are not that much of a pro in this field you must seek help from the container haulage services. Service providers also ensure that the allotted container is saved and is not damaged before dispatching any products. The shippers are quite professional in container haulage in Felixtowe and you can easily get assistance in letting your cargo ship with utmost safety.

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