How a Logistics Company Works?

Logistics Company

The job of a logistics company is to haul a load from one location to the other. A logistics company works by making sending goods from point A to point B easier for both the supplier and the receiver.

Container haulage services are specialized logistics solutions that offer to load and offload a container on a truck and deliver it to its destination.

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The Working of a Logistics Company

Good logistics and container haulage services make it easier for anyone to ship big and heavy loads. The logistics company is equipped to pick up the load from anywhere and deliver it to its destination. Usually, this is how a logistics company works:

  • Maintaining a large fleet of vehicles.
  • Offering multiple vehicle types for transport.
  • Trained Staff.
  • Specialized loading and unloading equipment.
  • Container haulage services.
  • Road Permits.
  • Planning and Routing.
  • Pickup and Delivery.
  • Insurance.
  • Safe Delivery.

Maintaining a large fleet of vehicles

Even for a large manufacturer, it is impossible to maintain a fleet of haulage vehicles, especially when making international trade. For instance, at the Felixstowe port, countless containers arrive on a daily basis. These containers are headed to different locations in the UK and Europe.

Logistics companies like JHualage offer container haulage in Felixstowe and many other logistics and transport options as well. As a manufacturer or sender of cargo, you will need to focus on production only while the logistics companies take care of the transport part.

You will not need to invest in purchasing transport and haulage vehicles and the associated things with it.

Multiple vehicle types

A logistics company usually has a diverse vehicle type of fleet, ranging from container haulage services to last-mile delivery vehicles. Some companies also offer big forklifts and cranes for loading and offloading cargo.

Trained Staff

Every tiny piece of cargo that you ship is important and must be handled with care. Additionally, every deal you make must be honored, which involves on-time and prime condition cargo delivery. When you choose to work with a reputable logistics company, you should be assured that everyone is fully trained and capable of handling your precious cargo, from lorry drivers to the loading and unloading staff.

Specialized loading and unloading equipment

Usually, proper loading is available at the port and the factory, but at the destination and customer site, such facilities may not be available. Excellent container haulage services offer heavy and lightweight loading and unloading equipment. Some trucks are equipped with tail lift trailers that can quickly be loaded and offloaded even at the most remote location.

Container haulage services

Container haulage services are offered by only those logistics companies with open bed trucks and semis to carry containers. Container haulage in Felixstowe is offered by JHaulage and can deliver your containers anywhere in the UK and Europe.

On-Road Services

A logistics company works by planning every aspect of the delivery from pickup to delivery and everything in between. Logistics companies will make sure to provide the correct trucks, follow the right route, and also ensure on-time delivery.

Every cargo is different; therefore, haulage companies train their drivers to ensure proper cargo handling during transit. Some containers will need to be kept at a specific temperature. Qualified drivers are aware of this fact. They keep an eye on the temperature and working of the refrigeration units to ensure the proper temperature is maintained throughout the journey.

Besides carefully driving and handling, logistics companies are also insured. This is to make sure to minimize loss during an accident. The last thing in logistics operation is to ensure the cargo is delivered to the correct address and the right people.


We hope this article help answer How A Logistics Company Works? It is a complex job that is made easy by reputable logistics companies. The role of a logistics company is not just to move goods from point A to B but to ensure safe and on-time delivery. Logistics companies save the manufacturers a lot of money because they do not need to invest in vehicles and logistics staff.

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