How Much Shipping Container Service Cost?

The cost of container haulage services varies, depending upon several factors, which we’ll discuss right now. But for just an estimate, shipping can cost somewhere between 1350 USD to 7000 USD internationally for a 20ft container.

Let’s discuss how shipping costs are calculated so you can make a smart decision in terms of saving costs.

How are Shipping Costs Calculated?

How Much Shipping Container Haulage Services Cost

Costs are calculated keeping in mind the following factors:

  1. Weight/Volume of the Cargo
  2. Type of Transport
  3. Distance
  4. Port
  5. Time of the Year

Here is a brief explanation to each point so you’ll know why and how these factors affect the costs.

(Be sure to read the whole post because each factor is somehow interconnected)

Cargo Weight/Volume

This factor is also dependent upon what type of transportation you choose. I mean if your goods are being transported by sea freight, it’s the volume or shape that matters the most. But if your goods are being transported by air freight, it’s the weight of the goods that matters the most.

So the more the volume and weight, the higher the cost will be.

Type of Transport

The type of transport you use not only affects the price but also the time. If you’re using sea freight, it will obviously take more time and it will cost you less. But if your goods are being transported by the air, it will take considerably less time, costing you more money.

So keep in mind your needs. If you are in urgency, you can use air transportation services, but to save costs, sailing through the blues is the best option.

The Distance

Well, I don’t think anyone needs an explanation on this point. Obviously, the more the distance, the greater the price will be. If you are shipping from Asia all the way to Antarctica, you can imagine the distance, the fuel consumption, and the price! But it will be less costly if you’re transporting just between two states.

Also, you need to keep in mind whether you’re shipping from port-to-port or from door-to-door because that will also affect the price as the distance will increase substantially.

The Port

You know the customs duties, service charges, and taxes vary from country to country. So the price is also directly affected by the port being used, the port where you are shipping from and also the destination port.

The Time of the Year

The Time of the Year

If you are new into the industry, probably this will be a new thing to you. Right from the Chinese new year, or from August to September, is the peak season of international container haulage. In that season, the demand is higher, the price is higher, and also the weight and volume becomes limited.

That’s why, it’s ideal for you to choose a right time, when the ports are not busy, to save your bank tank from draining.

That matters, too. Some of the companies are giants and have been in business for so long and have a strong network. That’s why they charge you more.

Final: The Transporting Company You Select

But there are companies which are new in the industry, their prices are so affordable, and yet they provide industry-leading experience. You can actually seal great deals by paying less and getting more.

And in one of those companies, comes the JHaulage. A super-fresh company is providing the services of container haulage in felixtowe and all across Europe.

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