How to Move a Shipping Container — 2 Easy Ways

How to Move a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are massively beneficial for businesses to store or build their offices. Or, for individuals to make beautiful houses with them, and spend the time of their lives.

But, how do you lift those things when they weigh in tons?

What is the easiest way possible to move shipping containers?

Well, we’re going to discuss just that today. Two of the most effective, economic, (and safe) ways to move a shipping container haulage felixstowe.

How to Move a Shipping Container — Two Time & Money Saving Ways Most Businesses Prefer

How to Move a Shipping Container

Now, before you even think of planning to move a shipping container, first, you need to do some homework.

You need to assign a special place where you’re going to put it. Yes, I know, it sounds so obvious — because, of course, you’ve decided on a place where you’ll put your shipping container. But, is it though?

Does the place offer enough space that a truck with a fork lifter or even a crane can move past conveniently? You need at least 60ft of wide space to place your 20ft container. Most businesses overlook this factor, and then later add themselves to extra costs.

Plus, what if you’re going to build a container home? Is the place you’ve decided vast and vicious? Is the location dry? Any chances of rain and water draining? Because, if there’s a lot of humidity in the environment, you’re soon going to end up getting rust and build around your containers.

It looks awful, so you might even need to buy a new shipping container pretty soon. It is wise to check everything beforehand.

SO… now that you are ready, let’s discuss how to move a shipping container without putting in much money.

1.  Tilted Bed Trailer:

The safest, cheapest, and effective way to move a shipping container is through a tilted bed trailer. It’s better than using a slow moving crane and an expensive forklift. Again, ensure that you’ve assigned an open space for the container. Now, here’s how it works:

  • Back the trailer as close as possible near the container, fully tilted.
  • Lock the end of the trailer and front sides of the container with two heavy chains.
  • Raise the bed, making the container tilt up to place two wooden boxes of at least 4×4 underneath the
  • After you place wooden boxes, remove the chains.
  • Now skilfully driving, slide the trailer under the container, until it’s fully loaded.
  • Fasten and you’re ready to board on the road!

Things to keep in mind: the container should be empty otherwise it will mess things up. Plus, fasten the container securely so it won’t fall off.

2.  Forklift

By using the right size forklift, you can easily move a shipping container from one place to another. Make sure you check the maximum capacity of the forklift before lifting with it. Otherwise, you might either damage the container or the forklift itself.

Still not sure where to start?

Still not sure where to start?

If you’re still not sure where to start and how to ship your container from your supplier to your assigned place. Or you may need to shift it from your office location to someplace else.

Well, don’t worry. We, as container haulage services providers, can surely be a help.

Whether you need to buy or move your container, give a call to JHaulage. Our service areas range from container services from Flexistove to all the way across Europe.

We’ll set up a consultation call, discuss your needs, and we’ll give you a quote. After that, our special driver will come and move the container exactly where you want it to be.

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