“Road Transportation of Containers” Apart from the sea and air freight, cargo is also transported by road. Cargo is transported in a similar form in containers by road too. Road transportation needs some necessary parameters and precautions which make an entire system according to which cargo is carried by road to its destination.

The transportation of cargo includes all three kinds; air, land, and sea. Container haulage companies sometimes need to use all sources and routes.

All three ways have their distinct parameters and procedures to follow, which are mandatory at every cost. Similarly, road transportation of containers has its own rules, parameters, and considerations that they have to abide by.

The Most Important Characteristic of Road Transportation

An important characteristic of container haulage is that road transportation is a must part of it. Whether cargo is transported through air or ocean, it ultimately has to go through road transportation to reach its final destination. Companies or businesses arrange for taking cargo to their own warehouses or storage areas from seaports or airports through road transportation. So road transportation is a permanent part of container haulage.

Advantages of Road Transportation of Containers

There are certain advantages of road transportation of cargo-carrying containers.

  • It improves the efficiency of the whole process. Since there are lesser distances and lesser risks, it automatically betters the efficiency of the transportation.
  • It is flexible, which means multiple kinds of transportation can be used to transport goods.
  • It is convenient since there’s less risk and short distances.
  • It is fast, simple, and efficient.

Disadvantages of Road Transportation of Containers

There are also certain disadvantages of road transportation of cargo containers. Those are as follows.

  • The carrying and handling capacity is small.
  • The vehicles use a high amount of energy and cause more pollution.
  • Costs are higher as compared to sea and rail transportation.
  • Bad road conditions or blockages etc. can affect the transporting process.
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Important Factors to Consider About Road Transportation of Containers

In your search for the best cargo road transportation, there are some factors that you should take note of. These things are as follows.

Choosing the Right Container

There are various kinds of container subcontractors that are used in road transportation in container haulage services. These are as follows.

  • General cargo containers that can be used for most kinds of cargo including chemical equipment, medical supplies, electronic devices, etc.
  • Reefer containers that are used for transportation of goods like meat, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Insulated containers for refrigerated goods that need a power source.
  • Aired containers for fruits and vegetables that don’t necessarily need lower temperatures.

Aside from this, containers are also distributed in various types according to their structure. These include:

  • Open top container
  • Flat rack container
  • Animal transport container
  • Car carrier container
  • Dry bulk container for powered goods
  • Hanger containers for garment transportation.
  • ISO tank container for dangerous chemicals.

Considering all the above-mentioned types of containers, you should wisely choose the kind of container that fits your needs properly.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle is just as important as choosing the right kind of container. Container chassis is mostly used in road transportation of containers. There are a few reasons for that. It’s because it has a simple structure, a lightweight, and is easily maintainable. In these commonly used chassis trailers, two types are used:

  • Container Tilt Trailer

This trailer basically lifts and loads the containers easily with a tilt feature. You don’t need forklift or container cranes with it.

  • Side Loader Trailer

It contains cranes and lifts modules etc. to assist with loading and unloading the containers on the trailer chassis.

Based on the above types of container-carrying vehicles, you should choose the right one according to your needs. All of these are available on jhaulage.co.uk

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

How are shipping containers transported?

Cleared from customs, staff moves the container on a special truck trailer or chassis to be moved through road or rail then.

What is used to transport a shipping container?

Because of the heavyweights of the shipping containers, they are carried on chassis or flatbed trailers that are pulled by powerful passenger trucks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of container transport?

It’s a convenient and flexible method of transporting goods. Disadvantages can include danger prone on a large level and pollution inducing.

How will the containers benefit the transportation?

Benefitting from standardization, container transport offers lesser costs. It’s 20 times costlier to transport goods from conventional method instead of container transport.